Book and DVD sets by Patrick McKeown

1) Sleep with Buteyko book and CD by Patrick McKeown (immediate download of ebook & MP3 upon payment)

Sleep with Buteyko

Sleep with Buteyko documents how to apply the Buteyko Method to address snoring, sleep apnoea and insomnia. Each exercise is described in detail using plain and simple language to allow the reader make maximum progress. Part two of the book documents the science behind chronic hyperventilation and how it contributes to snoring, sleep apnoea and insomnia. The author Patrick McKeown trained in Russia and has been teaching the Buteyko Method internationally for the past ten years. Sleep with Buteyko is his sixth book.

The CD involves Patrick McKeown guiding the listener through Buteyko and relaxation to address snoring, sleep apnoea and insomnia.

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140 pages, June 2011
Cost for book, CD and worldwide shipping: €15


2) Asthma Free Naturally by Patrick McKeown (Revised 2010 with Free Buteyko CD)

Asthma Free Naturally

The best selling asthma book is now revised and improved with added detail to Buteyko breathing exercises and medication. Suitable for adults and children.

"Thousands of people have found that breathing training has helped them to control, and even overcome their asthma. If you want to teach yourself this valuable technique I thoroughly recommend you read Asthma Free Naturally by Patrick McKeown." Patrick Holford

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Paperback- 304 pages
ISBN: 978-0954599652
Price: €13 or £9.95 to Cost for book, CD and worldwide shipping: €15

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3) Buteyko DVD set of Book, 2 hour DVD and CD

Buteyko DVD

The Buteyko DVD set consists of:

  1. 2 Hour professional DVD of the complete program as taught by Patrick McKeown.
  2. Email Support: click here to Email Patrick directly with your queries
  3. Audio CD of reduced breathing exercise
  4. Ebook Close Your Mouth is available for immediate download upon payment.
  5. Instruction manual specifically designed for Buteyko DVD. (Newly revised Close Your Mouth book)

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Complete instruction for all conditions related to chronic hyperventilation such as snoring, sleep apnoea, anxiety, asthma, hay fever, emphysema, blood pressure, fatigue, stress, anxiety and more
Suitable for all children and adults regardless of severity
NTSC and PAL DVD versions available to suit your country
Postage and packaging worldwide
ISBN-13: 978-0954599690

Total cost including worldwide shipping: 40 Euro (approx: 50 dollars, 65 CAD, 30UK pounds, 65 AUD)
The DVD set will take approximately four days to reach customers in Ireland. (ten days for International delivery)


4) ButeykoKids DVD set consists of DVD, books and online support as follows:

Buteyko Kids
  1. One hour Children's DVD of complete Buteyko program by Patrick McKeown (view free segments)
  2. Immediate download of full colour pdf of Buteyko exercises for children and teenagers
  3. 150 page book "Buteyko Meets Dr Mew" with complete Buteyko instruction (Read free chapters)
  4. Email Support: click here to Email Patrick directly with your queries

Details of the DVD:

  • Three children, one girl and two boys (Cian is 4 years old, Pepper is 7 years old & Rian is 7 years old) are taught each Buteyko Breathing exercise
  • Conversational instruction for very young children and beginners
  • Animation to hold childrens attention
  • Spoken in simple user friendly language
  • Interaction with children
  • Complete instruction of Buteyko Method for children
  • Email support from author Patrick McKeown

Total cost including worldwide shipping: 40 Euro (approx: 50 dollars, 65 CAD, 30UK pounds, 65 AUD)

Delivery time worldwide is ten days. Buy through paypal.


5) Anxiety Free book and CD set (immediate download of ebook & CD upon payment)

Anxiety Free: Stop worrying and quieten your mind

Anxiety Free: stop worrying and quieten your mind is a self help book detailing Buteyko breathing exercises and mindfulness to help those with panic attacks, anxiety, stress and depression. This book could be read by any individual who would like to learn more about calming their mind, improving their concentration and energy levels. Included is recognising the effects of chronic hyperventilation, how to measure relative breathing volume, reduced breathing to address chronic hyperventilation, breathing exercise to stop anxiety, racing mind and panic attacks, bringing attention to the inner body, living in the now, recognising your thoughts and how to step outside of thought.

You can view here some chapters of this book:

Author: Patrick McKeown
Pages: 240
ISBN: 0954599640
Cost for book, CD and worldwide shipping: €15
(Book delivered Ireland within three days. International delivery - ten days)


6) Close Your Mouth book by Patrick McKeown:


A simple and consise handbook providing correct breathing, dietary, sleeping, stress and exercise guidelines. Excellent self help book for asthma, emphysema, snoring, hayfever, blocked nose and much more

Paperback-141 pages-(October 2004) Asthma Care: ISBN: 0-9545996-1-6

Price: €12.99. Free packaging and shipping to Europe, Australia and North America.


7) ABC to be Asthma Free:

Abc to be asthma free

A childrens book introducing Argo the Wizard who teaches a young boy with asthma called David how to breathe correctly. Contains breathing exercises for children. 32 page full colour cartoon format.

Paperback-32 pages-(November 2004) Asthma Care: ISBN: 0-9545996-2-4

Available as part of our Asthmacare for Kids program
Cost for book, CD and worldwide shipping: €9.95