Results to expect from attending our Stop Snoring Course

  • 70% of attendees cease snoring within seven to ten days
  • The remaining 30% will cease snoring within a few weeks. Snoring will stop permanently when one learns how to nasal breathe and correct breathing volume
  • Sleep becomes deeper and individuals wake up more refreshed with far less fatigue throughout the day

Expected results for sleep apnoea

The vast majority of persons who normalise their breathing will not require CPAP, surgery or dental devices. Persons who are on a CPAP machine can safely come off it without side effects when their breathing is normalised.

Study Shows Significant Reduction of Snoring

In collaboration with the University of Limerick, Patrick McKeown was the instructor in a clinical study investigating the Buteyko Method as a treatment for rhinitis in asthma. Results showed a 70% reduction of nasal symptoms in participants, including snoring, loss of smell, nasal congestion and difficulty breathing through the nose.(1)

Feature in the Irish Independent 19th August 2011 by Chrissie Russell

"I find now that I'm sleeping better and I have the energy to exercise which hopefully will help me lose the weight which contributed to the sleep apnoea in the first place. Thanks to identifying the problem and getting help, I feel like I've kicked snoring and changed my life. I'd advise anyone else to do the same."


1)Adelola O.A., Oosthuiven J.C., Fenton J.E. Role of Buteyko breathing technique in asthmatics with nasal symptoms. Clinical Otolaryngology.2013, April;38(2):190-191