ENT surgeon, author and sleep specialist Dr Stephen Park interviews Patrick McKeown

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What Causes Obstructive Sleep Apnea

How to stop Sleep Apnea.

Patrick McKeown discusses what causes snoring.

Patrick McKeown explains what causes sleep apnoea. Author of Sleep with Buteyko, available in all Easons Dublin.

Patrick McKeown, author of Sleep with Buteyko explains about sleep apnoea. Dublin based Courses.

Patrick McKeown- sleep apnoea symptoms children & adults. Stop snoring Dublin.

Children Sleep apnoea, mouth breathing in children causes lifelong long sleep apnoea

Blocked nose, snoring children a cause of ADHD by Dublin based Patrick McKeown

How to unblock nose in three minutes by Patrick McKeown.

Eight tips to stop snoring and sleep apnoea by Dublin based Patrick McKeown

Questions one addressed to Patrick McKeown at SOL presentation

Questions two addressed to Patrick McKeown at SOL presentation

Yoga and Buteyko

Example of severe sleep apnoea. 80 second breath hold.
Example of sleep apnoea. 43 Second breath hold.