The World’s Loudest Snorer

The British newspaper, The Telegraph, reported the following.

“Mrs Chapman, 60, snores every night at 111.6 decibels - eight decibels louder than the roar of a low-flying jet - much to the dismay of long suffering husband Colin, 62.

The retired bank worker could drown out the sounds of a spinning washing machine, diesel truck, farm tractor or speeding express train.

She regularly wakes herself up and her husband Colin has had to retreat to the spare room at least five nights a week for the 18 years they have been married.

She has snored throughout her entire life and one of her earliest memories is waking up to her sister pinching the bridge of her nose when she was five.

Over the years Mrs Chapman has tried nose bands, pills, visited the doctor ''countless'' times and even considered invasive surgery in a bid to cure her snoring.”