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I did a course with Patrick some years ago. It was brilliant. I'd highly recommend him and the Buteyko method to anyone

John Murray December 7, 2016

Snoring and Sleep Clinic, Dublin

Apply our physician developed breathing program to bring noisy breathing during sleep to calmer and quieter levels. Bestselling author and breathing expert, Patrick McKeown provides Breathing Re-Education using the Buteyko Method to significantly reduce snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea. Our sleep clinics are taught from Dame street in Dublin.

  • Discover the importance of breathing through your nose for good quality sleep
  • Learn how to decongest your nose, and sleep with your mouth closed
  • Learn what the world’s top sleep experts are saying regarding the importance of nose breathing during sleep
  • In as little as seven days, experience better quality sleep, wake up more alert and benefit from improved day time energy levels

Listen to the breathing of someone who is snoring and you will find it to be noisy; those who snore draw in large breaths of air while they sleep, and often breathe through the mouth. If the person has obstructive sleep apnoea, you may hear a snore followed by complete silence as they stop breathing for a period of up to one minute – or sometimes more. Upon the resumption of breathing, large gasps of air are then taken into the lungs. For someone with sleep apnoea, this cycle continues all night long; snoring, long pauses in breathing, and intense gasping.

Both snoring and sleep apnoea are forms of sleep-disordered breathing, and can be improved and corrected by practising simple breathing exercises designed to change breathing habits both day and night. When breathing becomes calmer and lighter, an individual’s sleep and overall health will dramatically improve. More information on sleep clinic in Dublin.

The importance of good breathing habits is well documented in medical literature, however few healthcare professionals explain the importance of functional breathing to patients suffering from sleep and respiratory problems. Addressing poor breathing habits should be a first call to action, as this approach is the most cost effective and long-lasting, involves no side effects, and is very simple to implement. Dublin sleep clinic program includes breathing re-education to breathe through the nose and bring breathing volume to calmer levels.

Sleep disorders wreak havoc on health and quality of life. Furthermore, sleep-disordered breathing is responsible for many deaths – even road traffic accidents, when sleep-deprived drivers fall asleep behind the wheel.

While breathing through the nose is important for adults, it is even more important for children. Currently, more than half of studied children in the Western world breathe through an open mouth. This seemingly innocuous habit has notable long-term effects, since persistent mouth breathing during childhood causes negative alterations to the shape of the face, reduces airway size and increases the risk of lifelong obstructive sleep apnoea. If a child is to grow into a healthy and happy adult, good breathing habits are imperative during their formative years.

Breathing is an involuntary activity – a function that we don’t usually need to think about unless we are experiencing symptoms of breathing difficulty. However, our breathing can be influenced by various factors of modern living and is susceptible to change.

The manner in which we breathe during the day determines how we breathe during sleep. If we have developed bad habits, such as breathing through the mouth, periodic sighing, or have noisy, noticeable breathing during rest, then this will translate into more intense breathing during sleep.

Good breathing during rest should be light, gentle, calm and through the nose. Snoring and sleep apnoea is unlikely to occur when breathing is through the nose and light during sleep. Attending Dublin sleep apnea and snoring clinic, you can learn to measure your breath hold time, which provides useful feedback on how light or heavy you breathe.

While breathing habits can change in the wrong direction, it is also possible to correct and improve the way we breathe by practicing the exercises from Dublin sleep clinic, which will help you to enjoy better sleep and lifelong health. The benefits of breathing lightly through the nose are supported by many references to medical papers and research, while the techniques and breathing exercises will help you to change your breathing habits for the better, forever.

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